posted on: Sunday, December 15, 2013

'Veins' plays with the idea of emotional pain. It tells a loose story of the trouble I have had with people dear to me and the heartache I have felt. A pain felt not on the surface, but deep in the heart. The veins which are painted on the model's arms symbolise emotional pain, and also the link to blood relatives.

This story is also a subtle hint at the pain the fashion industry can cause - what people go through for beauty (the lines  are drawn onto the model's arm with lipstick).

'Veins', like 'Waiting', is a story I have long been dreaming of photographing. It was a story I needed to tell, for my own satisfaction. This is why I photograph: to tell a story and to portray an emotion. I want those who view my images to feel something.


Model: Ruby Roorda @ Vivien's
Makeup Artist: Elise Kate Layden
Hair + Fashion Stylist: Rebecca Hughes


Madelaine Kane @ Division


We woke up bright and early to catch the sunrise at Bribie Island for this shoot. I've been thinking of executing this concept for a long time, so was delighted when it all came together on this very chilly morning.

She longs for someone or something. Wishing, hoping, waiting for it to show. She feels a presence on her skin, like wind caressing her soul. Nothing appears, but yet she still waits and waits.


Model: Nicole Brown @ Tamblyns
Makeup Artist: Breeanna Fowler @ BA Makeup Artistry
Stylist: Kate Charchalis

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